Summer English/Language Arts Requirements for Incoming 4th and 5th Graders in the Gifted Program

This summer, students must read two novels/books form the Florida Sunshine State Website and complete the assigned tasks, one for each novel (total of 2 projects). When your child returns, he/she will also be required to take the correlating Accelerated Reader (AR) tests.

1. While reading, keep a reading log for each chapter. Each entry should include a new word that you learned, the definition of the word, and a sentence using the word in context.
2. After reading, design a poster to advertise your book. Be creative...convince other readers that this book is a must-read.
3. Create a collage around the themes and main characters/main idea in this book.
4. Write a character diary, writing at least five journal entries as if you are the main character in the story. Write down events that happened during the story and reflect on how they affected the character and why.
5. Create a timeline of the major events in this book. Label each event.
6. As a literary agent, write a letter to the publishing company designed to persuade them to publish this book.